INCARNATIONS #2 Preview, etc.

I could definitely write in this thing more than I am. I used to do it like it was my life’s work–spend time brainstorming things to blog, and categories, and series’ to keep things lively. These days, I prefer to just do the work, for the most part–there’s enough of that going around, between writing, work, friends and family, and planning for my military retirement. Folks who are into my kinda things aren’t a hassle, though, so if you’re into this magic biker stuff I’m throwing down, or mutant comics, or heavy metal, feel free to drop me a line. I’m sure to respond at least once or twice.

Next comic is almost here. Did I plan on it being done sooner? Yeah. Did I base that prediction on years of successfully helming comics projects? Nope. I contributed a bit to the delay, and my artist moved house entirely. Honestly, I’d rather have his good, quality work at a slower rate and eat shit on a deadline. We’re not that far behind. And I have a plan to address that going forward. I don’t know if it will fix the timeline for this six-issue run entirely, but it will solve some long-term issues. And I do want to make INCARNATIONS for a while.

Radu DID hit me with a new time-lapse video. I wonder who that gnarly dude is who’s getting ready to throw down with Low-Man and Morgan? And if you’d like a six-page, unproofed preview, look no further.

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