INCARNATIONS #2 Now Available!

Happy Comic Book Wednesday! INCARNATIONS #2 is live. If you read issue one, you’ll know our buddies James and Earl left a bit of business unfinished when they were sidelined by the wizard Stancil. Maybe they’ll solve it in this issue, or maybe they’ll get in trouble with the president of the club. And that whole thing about three bikers turning into four horsemen gets resolved!

Is this going to turn into a bi-monthly project instead of monthly now? We’ll see next month. My artist is even closer to some of the stuff going on in Europe than I am, plus personal things, plus the differences in turning out a serial book instead of manga one-shots. Really, it’s all on me for being so damn excited to share this with the world that I didn’t want to wait until I had three issues in the can. I can’t say I regret my decision. I’m so damn pleased with how it’s coming along.

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