INCARNATIONS #1 Available for Pre-Order!

I’ll update this post as the comic becomes available, but for now you’ll get it in your Amazon account on 5 JAN 22 using this link right here. And if you’d like to read the first few pages first, you can also do that.

What is it?  If you enjoyed Sons of Anarchy, urban fantasy like The Dresden Files, or maybe the work of authors like Terry Brooks and Piers Anthony, this is for you! Four bikers from rival factions are empowered by a wizard and sent on a quest. If they fail, their lives are at stake–and that’s if they don’t kill each other, first! And that’s just the first six-issue arc. 

If you were reading me back in 2015–and that’s a small, elite group–you might recall a novel I was working on called Sex, Guns, Lies and Money. I started serializing it on Wattpad, and lost interest in the project like I did everything else around that time. When I started getting some fire in my belly again, so to speak, I knew I wanted to kick things off with a comics project, and I knew it had to be this one. If you want to hear me drone on about it for five straight minutes, peep the video below.

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