I Did This a Long Time Ago…

…a website, that is. And the writing it supported. I remember letting the website turn into something that overshadowed the actual work, in terms of time and resources. This is stripped-down, bare bones and it’s going to stay that way. If you see things here, it’s because I’m already doing or have done them anyway, and want to aggregate them here. Otherwise, it’s just going to be my thoughts, and news on my new works, and a chance for you to engage with me.

Who am I? Sometime writer, sometime podcaster, full-time opinionated jackwagon with the conceit that anyone outside of his immediate sphere wants to listen to his voice or read his words on a page. My go-to explanation when I’m meeting new folks is that if you like Stephen King–I’m not crazy enough to think I’m that good, but I write in the same range of genres. I’m retiring from the military next year, and that’s lit a fire under my ass to start writing again, and this website is a part of that.

Thanks in advance for coming along. We both know you don’t have to. And it means so very, very much to me.

L., Xmas Eve 2021, Brucken, Germany

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