About Us

Lincoln Crisler is a noncommissioned officer in the US Army, a three-time combat veteran, a devoted husband and father, and the Terror That Flaps in the Night. His work has appeared in a variety of print and online venues, to include The Horror Library, Down in the Cellar, The Late Late Show, HUB Magazine and Shroud Publishing’s Abominations anthology. He is the author of two collections of short stories, Despairs & Delights and Magick & Misery. Visit his site, http://lincolncrisler.info, or contact him at crislerlincoln@yahoo.com.

Sean Grigsby writes scary stories and lives in central Arkansas. His work can be described in two words – fun and frightening. Blending well-crafted action sequences with a generous dose of humor and guts, Sean easily stands along side the best in horror fiction. His most recent story can be found in Living Dead Press’ “Christmas is Dead: A Zombie Anthology”.

                                                                                                                                                                   Steve Lowe writes dark stuff, except when he doesn’t. He has completed a brooding werewolf novella that he can’t seem to sell and a comedy/drama (he absolutely reufses to use the phrase “dramedy”) novelette that he’s trying like hell to sell. His fiction has appeared in Allegory, the Dead Bait Anthology, The Absent Willow Review, House of Horror, The New Flesh, and probably some other places, but he’s growing ever more forgetful with his advancing age. Wait, what was he talking about? Ah, yes, himself. Steve is also a sports writer for the South Bend (Ind.) Tribune and covers the Notre Dame hockey beat. In his spare time, Steve enjoys writing autobiographical blurbs in the third person.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Shari Wice says:

    Shari Wice works too hard and is owned by two horses and two cats in a mildly haunted house in southeastern Michigan. She enjoys writing novels and recently began writing screenplays and short stories. She can usually be found editing or staring at her novels, and, one day she really will get those published. She knows she’s getting closer.

    Some of her work has appeared in:
    — as S. Copperstone: the Halloween 2009 edition of the HOUSE OF HORROR eZine; “Treats at the Aver Residence,” with A.J. Brown / S. Copperstone; ESTRONOMICON eZine “Treats at the Aver Residence,” by A.J. Brown / S. Copperstone. (Screaming Dreams Publishing) Halloween 2008 edition; Print STATIC MOVEMENT anthology, “The Chest.” (Liquid Imagination Publishing) In production; VAULT IX: BLOODY BUBBLES anthology, “A Day At The Office.” (Steel Moon Publishing). Feb. 2008
    — as Shari Wice: People of Hartland chapter, pages 488-489, HARTLAND: WEAVING THE PAST WITH THE PRESENT, published November 2004. This book won Michigan Museums Association Excellence Award for Institutional Achievement in 2005

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